Rincon Stripers?

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Anyone that has any information on boils or pointers where to go near the Rincon? We are planning a trip this next week (just in time for the heat wave!) and would like to know if anyone has been to the Rincon and seen any boils or shad? Thanks

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Just came back today. We stayed in Iceberg. Unfortunately, didn't do much fishing, but i was able to chase some slurps near camp friday evening. Caught half dozen in 10-15 minutes. There were slurps all over from bullfrog to rainbow bridge mostly all day. I went out looking early saturday morning before we left for rainbow bridge, didnt see any in iceberg or rincon. I went back to camp, loaded up and left an hour later and saw slurps the rest the day. Don't think it matters where you go, there will be slurps maybe some boils too. Have fun! Btw, I was using a small white gulp minnow and they loved it.
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that's also how I do mine when I use them. I swear that gulp minnow will work on all species.
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