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  1. Cray10

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    Hey all we're looking at HB shares at BF and halls. A few of the boats are still on their buoy and my boat is down for the winter. Are there any options for getting a ride out to a boat for a perspective buyer ? Exec services said no unless its listed through them.. thanks
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    kidding --- There are no transport services on north lake. If exec services will not take you, you are left to asking for rides --- or swimming
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  3. Chet Garling

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    I thought all sales had to go through them, they should be able to shuttle you out to the boat.
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  4. chrisut

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    interesting question. I'm looking a buying a boat on the South end. planning on doing the transaction around the spring maintenance time to avoid the service fee. Is there a way to avoid it without pulling it? After its my boat, I'll bring it to the North end.
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  5. Ryan

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    I thought the same thing.

    If that isn't the case, you could rent a boat.

    My bet is if you went in person, and spoke with someone at Executive who wasn't in charge (read, a regular worker), they would likely shuttle you out. But that would be a bit of a risk.

    I would just use it as an excuse to bring my own boat down, and spend the weekend.
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  6. slickrock joe

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    If you are looking at a boat in the buoy field contact the owner and request permission to go out. They need to communicate this to Exec Services and they'll verify the owner is giving you permission.
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  7. capt.catfish

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    They must be paid a commission, but you do have the option not to list with them. There are essentially three options when selling your boat on Powell:

    1. Pay a $300 administrative fee and 1% in commission. For that you handle the sale yourself and just submit the transfer of ownership forms to their brokerage. In this case you get no services from the brokerage and they will not show your boat.
    2. Pay a $300 transfer fee plus a 3% commission. This gets you an add on their Boattrader account, but they will do nothing else to sell your boat/shares other than pass leads on to you and potentially show the boat when buyers come down to view it (if it's on the slip/buoy).
    3. Paying the $300 transfer fee plus a 10% commission means they will act as more of a full service broker and handle the entire sale, including showing the boat.

    If you're looking at a boat that the owner decided to go with option 1, then technically Exec Services won't show you the boat. However, in practice that's not necessarily the case. I went down with a list of like 6 boats to look at, some with a listing and others using the first option, but Lauren, the Bullfrog Marina Manager at the time, was happy to ferry me around to all of them. It probably helped that I went down in February and I think she was bored out of her mind sitting in the office and was glad to have the excuse to take a boat out. I don't know if I would count on that though; it would suck to drive down only to find out that you can't sweet talk someone at Exec Services into running you out the the boats...I suppose renting a boat for a day would be an option in that case.
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  8. Cray10

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    Thanks for the info ! We're headed down Saturday to look at a few at offshore so if there's time I'll see if someone will run us out.
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  9. PowellBride

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    We have 2 owners on a 1990 Skipperliner (14x60). We are discussing adding a new full (1/3) partner, or offering a few fixed weeks that would have 1/12 rights (1/12 ownership cost, but with the benefit of only 4-5 owners). If you're interested let me know. The boat is in the Halls buoy field, but Kevin at IffShore and Ticaboo Dan both know the boat.
  10. Cray10

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    Would love to talk particulars, especially of a 1/12 ownership. Can you email me? clint.yATgmail.com
  11. Powelldreamer

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    Exec services had always been helpful in giving rides out. However to take you to multiple boats I doubt will happen
  12. PowellBride

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    I sent you an email with my contact info. Please let me know if you didn't get it