Rich Man's Lobster - FishinRod

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This is the best way to fix a mess Stripers I have found. They come out tasting a lot like lobster and is is very easy and no big mess to clean up. My grandkids hate fish except for this and they always come back for seconds.

Take equal amounts water and mix with Snappy Tom or Hot V8 Quarts, 1 quart is enough for a good mess of fish.

Add a dash of Worcestershire, about 1/2 cube of butter or oleo and bring it to a boil.

Salt and a little pepper to taste.

Cut up the fillets into small cubes, after removing the red meat, and drop in the boiling mixture. When the cubes float they are cooked.

We have lemon and butter dip - just like lobster

For those of you who like a fish stew the juice makes a good base to make a soup out of. Kind of fishy for my taste but add some corn, sausage, crawfish, catfish and leave in the striper and you have a kind of fish Gumbo.
I tried it with Clamato Juice but it was to fishy for me.
The hot juice does not transfer to the fish.
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