Redbud Pass, Cliff Canyon, Faraway Arch

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I found this very interesting article about a trek some people took to one of my favorite Lake Powell areas- Redbud Pass. It is located in the spectacular area beyond Echo Camp and Rainbow Bridge. In 2005, I backpacked from the old Lodge Ruins on the Southwestern slope of Navajo Mountain to Rainbow Bridge. I posted a trip report on the OLD (I believe original) Waynes Words BB in 2006! I do not know the people who wrote the article.
Here is a link to the article:

Excellent photojournal:


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Thanks for comments. This trip was a big deal for us, several years in the planning, a complicated recon mission 5 months before, etc. (Also two of us had relatively new knees.)

Of course, one always sees how photography can be improved, but given all the travel needed to get to the spots, the results were good. I made large metal prints of two of the best images, and the quality was excellent.

I highly recommend the recently reprinted book by Bernheimer about his 1920s explorations in the area:

The maps therein are beautiful, drawn by the original Batman cartoonist, a notable Arizonan by the name of Dick Sprang.

Stan Wagon, Silverthorne, Colorado
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