Random sightings/thoughts from 10/10-10/15 South end trip

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IMG_20161012_161014 (002).jpg Random sightings/thoughts during LP 10/10 to 10/15:

· The water clarity is as good as I’ve ever seen it at this time of year. Very good clarity to +20’ at the south end of the lake. The deepest I’ve ever been able to clearly see the bottom was 33’ in February/March several years ago. Normally can see around 20’ in early spring but not during October in my experience.

· Went to the very back of Labyrinth Canyon yesterday. Millions of mussels on the east wall from ground level up to about 4’ above current water level at the back of the canyon. Being in an inflatable dinghy, must take additional caution not to scrub the walls with the Hypalon tubes fearing mussel shell punctures. I thought this was a strange place for such infestation since I have not seen them anywhere else in this canyon.

· At the bottom of the APM floating ramp to the marina near shore there is a school of 4”-5” stripers numbering in the low hundreds trolling the shoreline.

· Between where the APM floating ramp touches water and the fishing dock, there is a huge school of 6”-10” stripers numbering near a thousand (guesstimate).

· At our beach in Gunsight Canyon, several hundred 4” small mouth bass were hiding under our boat – I’m guessing with the water going down they don’t have any suitable brush/cover to hide from predators thus use the boat for protection.

· Crowds! Amazingly for mid-October, there are many boaters enjoying the great weather on the lake – I’d say almost busier than mid-September!

· I wonder if surf boat captains really understand how large their wakes are when they reach the shore – very tall and steep – some lift our entire boat up then slam the bow down onto the beach rattling the entire boat. This goes on for hours and hours and this is from +100 yards away behind us. They never seem to cruise back and forth in front of their own camp/beach. Hummmmmm. (and I'm not anti-surf! - just for 'be responsible for your wake' - plenty of areas and/or direction to surf w/o bothering anyone on any beach)

· Temps in the low 80’s, water from 68-71 – very nice time of year on the water.
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