Quick South Report Nov 12-15

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Mr. Pike

Came to south end to fish and winterize the houseboat.

Got to the lake late on Saturday due to problems with the new impeller I put in the motor before I left. So Saturday I spent a little over an hour in Warm Creek. Saw a few fish on the graph by the floating restroom but didn't catch anything. Cottonwood Wash/Haystacks had a few rises and a lot of carp but just about nothing on the graph. So Saturday was a bust but it was good to be at the lake.

Sunday we went to gunsight. Caught 15 stripers in the back. The were mostly between the back where the canyon breaks three ways and halfway out to the sandy beach that you see on the way in on the right. Caught about 6 of them on topwater mid morning when they chased shad up against the last rock wall on the right in the very back of the canyon. It was only 6 to 12 feet deep there. Rest of the stripers were caught trolling in water 25 to 50 feet deep. Except 2 we picked up jigging. Finished the day between 1:00 and 3:00 across from the Dominguez restroom trying for smallies. It was very slow and we caught 4 on single tail grubs.

Monday we went back to gunsight. Again mid morning stripers were hitting topwater in the very back of the canyon. This time they were only the left straight across from the wall where we caught them the previous day. This was a much longer bite and we caught 24 on topwater. VERY FUN! Picked up a couple jigging and 5 trolling that day. Stripers started off in the back of the canyon and moved out to the sandy beach previously mentioned by noon. 5 of the 31 total we caught that day were too skinny to filet. Looks like they were feeding on plankton. I think they just happened to be where the topwater bite happened and got caught up in the frenzy. There were in sad shape. Also caught one smallie trolling. At the house boat put out the light and caught 2 stripers in the 30 minutes we tried. One was so skinny he didn't fight at all. Right after we dumped the few anchovies we had a school come in at about 25 feet deep. Tried some jigging spoons but no luck.

Today/Tuesday we went to Rock Creek. Saw Wayne soon after we started trolling. Wayne said they found nothing in Dry Rock Creek. Told him about gunsight and I think he headed there on the way back. We stuck around until noon and caught 8 trolling in the very back of rock creek. Hooked one jigging but lost it at the boat. Lost quite a few others at the boat trolling. Not sure what was up with that today. After lunch tried Dungeon for no good reason and found nothing. Tried Kane wash. Saw a lot of topwater action. Was surprised when they were coming all the way out of the water. Looks like they were gizzard shad which I have never seen do that before. Could not get them to hit anything on topwater. I have a short video of them that I'll try to remember to post when I get back home. Someone can tell me if they also think they are gizzard shad. Finished the day back at gunsight for the last hour and a half. Caught 4 trolling and 2 jigging in the very back again then they moved out and disappeared. So 14 for the day.

Compared to last year at the same time the fish were much more dispersed and couldn't really get in a good jigging session. Trolling was the ticket and when you happened to see top water or fished stacked for a few minutes you could catch them other ways.
Thanks Mr. Pike. We went to Gunsight on the way back to Wahweap and trolled up 10 healthy 2-pound stripers in the same place you described. I wish I had started there instead of running for an hour to Rock Creek. But we had a good Rock Creek report from the previous week while we were uplake netting. This seems typical of the Lake wide fishing experience. Stripers are on the move searching for a school of threadfin shad. When they find a shad school they stay and act like stripers until the shad disappear, then they move again. Recently we have had good reports from Warm Creek, Rock Creek, and Gunsight.

On our netting trip we found boiling stripers near the Battleship Rock at the mouth of Red Canyon. They would have been very easy to miss as we caught no fish from 3-5 pm and then at dusk the school came to the top and boiled until dark. There is lots of food in Red Canyon so these fish choose their own schedule and you have to match their timing.

In the San Juan we found a school of spooning stripers in the bay between Piute and Neskahi. We caught lots of 3-pound stripers in short order. Then we went to the inlet near Alcove Canyon and fished for crappie in the main river channel about a quarter mile downstream form the mouth of Alcove. Fishing was not fast but crappie were large (2-pound). We kept 6 fish.

Fishing was poor at the Rincon. Smallmouth were catchable on tubes and jigs but stripers were scarce.

The fastest striper fishing we found yesterday was at Warm Creek Wall on bait. Half of the fish were skinny but there are many so it provides many good fillets by the end of the day.
They are gizzard. Gizzard are jumpers and sometimes they jump around in groups and may look like stripers.
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