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Quick Navaho Report

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We caught 5 Stripers in a couple of quick boils in Navaho Canyon this morning. We left Wahweep Marina at 6:15 and headed for Navaho. The boils were between the double rock islands and the single rock island before the sandy beach. All surface action in Navaho stopped by 8:00.

We then went to Padre Bay and saw a couple of quick boils near Cookie Jar, but were unable to get to them before they quit boiling.

We will go out again this evening and in the morning and report our results tomorrow. Thanks again Wayne for all you do for us!
Larry Vaughan
Tuesday morning we got to Navaho Canyon about 6:00. We caught a few off boils, but the wakeboarders were looking for the same smooth water as we were, so the boils were short lived. We headed up lake, as we wanted to check out the San Juan. ( I think we might have seen Wayne's boat near Rock Creek, having just talked with two fishermen in their boat) We stopped for fuel at Dangling Rope then headed up lake.

It was our first time in the San Juan. Lots of boils! We were getting there late so I can imagine how good the fishing would have been if we had been camped there and could have gotten an early start. Next year we will take the houseboat up to the San Juan.

We had to rent a pontoon deck boat this year. Nice boat, but at 2.6 MPG it was an expensive trip to the San Juan! Should have stayed in Navaho fishing, but the scenery was worth the trip!

Still a great time at Lake Powell. The fish are in the best condition I have see in years!

Larry Vaughan


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Larry, how far up the San Juan, did you go, and where were the best boil's, you saw? I'm heade4d that way, and trying to decide where I want to go.
Hi Kevin,
We went up only as far as Cha Bay, which had several boils. There were also several at the confluence of the San Juan and the Colorado. Get there early and save some shad!
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