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Not wanting to further derail the other thread, just wanted to post one follow up regarding Progressive insurance.

I had some gelcoat work done on my Malibu, and I picked it up today. I took the opportunity to speak with the owner of the shop about insurance.

My first question was pretty broad as I didn't want to lead him. I just asked him if there were any insurance companies he just dreaded dealing with. His answer was a flat out no.

I then asked him about Progressive specifically. He said from his side, they are fine to deal with, and they pay quickly. One thing he did say is that they are more prone to pay only for whatever the damage is directly related to the claim. Which makes sense to me, but he gave me an example where I understand it could cause hard feelings.

The example was that if you have damage on the gelcoat from beaching the boat, and then have some damage from a rock strike, Progressive would only pay for the damage from the rock strike. And that they would depreciate (my word, I don't remember his wording) the claim for the amount to fix the beaching damage.

Or, if you have damage from a rock strike, and within a couple inches, some sort of preexisting damage, they will not pay for the preexisting damage, even if it is impossible to fix the accident caused damage without fixing the other damage.

Kind of makes sense to me, but I could see how that might upset some people.

He also told me that in every one of those examples both State Farm or Farmers would pay 100%.

When I asked him where he had his boat policy, he told me Progressive.

So, this is one repair shops opinion. And each claim is obviously different. But I thought someone who works in a business largely supported by insurance payments was worth sharing.
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