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Power & Motoryacht Magazine-25 Best Boating Destinations

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The April 2018 edition of Power & Motoryacht magazine has a section on the "25 Best Boating Destinations". They are listed in alphabetical order, BUT, a photo taken on Lake Powell is shown on the first page of the article along with the write up describing Lake Powell (in the online edition, the photo is up front, but the write up is further back in alphabetical order).

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We all know we boat in a special place, but sometimes you forget how special it is to be able to boat on and visit Lake Powell regularly - we take it for granted I guess.

The only negative of the article is that it talks about how great boating on Lake Powell is in September when the crowds are gone but the weather is still great - too many articles like this and the crowds might end up staying longer into the season!
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Unless the school year starts in October, rather than the norm of August or early September, I think our perfect Septembers will continue.
As a very long time subscriber to PMY, I was really surprised to see LP as the lead cruising destination. For those of you who don't get this free magazine, it is generally devoted to yachts, BIG yachts, so I would never have expected to see LP in the list of other ocean destinations from around the world.
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