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Powell May 14th -18th

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dale eichel

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Weather was not all that nice but we did manage a few fish around Halls and bouy 99a.
Lots of nice walleyes and some striper.
Chanced Tuesday to go to Red Canyon. I turned out to be very nice until of course getting back to Bullfrog
at 6:00, big waves and wind again.
While we were in Red canyon we picked up many Stripers and very many Walleye (65 total ). The fishing was great.
Trolling deep divers ( XPS ) ( dives 16 to 20 feet ) Chartreuse sides and blue tops.
The water was stained but much better fishing than the clear water.
Left to go home to the Denver area Thursday and had a great drive in 2 ft of snow pulling a boat.


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