Pools and Alcoves in Eureka Canyon

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wayne gustaveson

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September 15, 2007 - Hikers: Wayne and Charlene Gustaveson, Carlos and Raquel Dibble

Water Elevation: 3,602.

Hike distance: approx. 1/2 mile

Geologic Feature: Plunge pools and alcoves in "Eureka Canyon"

Thanks to Alan Silverstein from alerting us to the neat hike one canyon downstream from the Escalante River mouth. See his webpage for details and many other hikes.

We just followed the creek bed up the wash on an easy half hour hike. At this lake level the beach is too shallow for good camping. It would be perfect at 3603.

The stream bottom is like fine decorative tile of many dazzling colors with occasional pools where runoff water has collected.

One pool had a large population of fairy shrimp hurrying to complete their life cycle before the puddle dried up. We saw one tadpole shrimp as well.

The walk was easy and picturesque.

At the base of the huge alcove was a double plunge pool where rain runoff waterfalls hit the ground. It is always shady with lush vegetation. We saw tracks of mountain sheep and coyotes that frequent the watering holes.

Colorful sandstone cliffs stand 500 feet above the pools. We were the only ones there and really enjoyed the solitude and quietness of the remarkable canyon.

Its a great place to get away and contemplate those thing we don't have time to think about while busy in our daily working lives.
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