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Do you use umbrella rigs at Lake Powell?

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Gem Morris

Keeper of San Juan Secrets
Wayne would like to know what % of Lake Powell anglers use umbrella rigs.

Please respond yes or no accordingly, thanks!

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I responded "No" as I've never used them, but I recently purchased a couple and would like to try them in future. Maybe I'll vote again, to even it out.
I responded no as well but would definately try em if the number of hooks allowed were increased.
I voted yes, only since I have tried one in the past. One of Petesters! It didn't work very well unfortunately :cool:
Umbrella rigs work really well, and catch multiples of striper when you pull it just above a school. And like some of you I tried Pete's' rig too but found it to be to light to stay at depth while trolling at speed (2-4 mph). I did run into 2 guys in a boat trolling Moki wall that were just slaying the fish during August when the water was hot (82), and the thermocline at 40 foot deep. I was metering fish and all were below the 40 ft mark on the graph. I slipped up to them and found they had been using homemade umbrella rigs with four wires and white curly tails, but only 2 of the lures had hooks ,the other two were just teasers. They told me that they made there own rigs and they were at least five or more ounces, witch they found was needed to keep them in the zone at trolling speed. Also they used 50lb braid on the reels. Those 2 guys had figured out how to beat the hot water, dog days! Some guys are just smarter !
This happened back when Pete was still with us, and I told him about the weight of the rigs and ask him to get some. He said he had researched it and couldn't find any commercially available that heavy. so I guess we have to make our own?
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