Please help with the Bluegill and Sunfish Study

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wayne gustaveson

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On Monday we are going to begin collecting bluegill to determine their feeding habits and what impact that may have on the quagga mussel population. You can help by catching bluegill and green sunfish and bringing them in to the fish cleaning station at Wahweap or Bullfrog. A BYU student will be there to collect the fish and then sign you up for the chance to win some fishing tackle. You can keep the fillets and just turn in the carcass if you wish.

It is likely that bluegill are eating quagga mussels as they seem larger this year and more numerous. They are best caught on a tiny jig head with a small piece of worm attached. It is likely that during your regular fishing trip that you will see bluegill and sunfish around a submerged bush or rock structure. Please have a rod ready and catch a few fish when the opportunity arises.

Your efforts will help us understand how bluegill can help with the battle against quagga mussels and what steps are needed to protect this amazing fishery during the long term battle against invasive mussels.
IMG_1110.jpgGreen Sunfish and tackle
I met with Mark Belk last week at the Bullfrog fish cleaning station and donated my 1 walleye and 1 green sunfish. He gave myself and a couple other anglers an in depth tutorial on the reasons behind the survey and collection efforts. Historically I catch and release everything, but will change my ways to help the health of the lake. You guys do a tremendious job of management. Thanks again for all you do for us. BTW, Goldie & I had a great walleye fry last night. Sq
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