Please Help Us Collect Bluegill and Green Sunfish

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Attention Lake Powell Anglers!

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Brigham Young University are in the process of conducting a research project to better understand the relationships and/or threats that invasive mussels may have on the fishery at Lake Powell and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

To better understand what we can do to maintain the great fishing at Lake Powell we need anglers to help us catch bluegill and green sunfish for the study. Simply catch bluegill and sunfish and bring them to the fish cleaning stations at Bullfrog or Wahweap from May 28th through June 2nd.

For every fish you bring us we will put your name into a drawing (for fishing tackle).

When: May 28th through June 2nd. (10:00 am – Dark)

Lake Powell (Bullfrog and Wahweap) Fish Cleaning Stations


Please bring fish to cleaning stations separated by location caught. Example: Good Hope Bay or Moki Canyon, is sufficient.

You can take filets from fish if you want them – we need the carcass with stomach intact and the ability to get a length measurement.

Every person donating fish will be entered into a drawing for each fish donated. Drawing will take place after June 2nd, 2018 and prizes will be mailed to winners.

All current fishing regulations will be enforced: Daily limit for bluegill and green sunfish (a combined total of 50).
Here are the names of those that turned in Bluegill and Green Sunfish and helped us with the study of what Bluegill and Green sunfish are eating in Lake Powell.

Prize winners and number of Fish: Fishing Tackle Prizes Awarded

Adam Pulley 17 BG 41 GSF (Most Green sunfish)
Eric Christensen 18 BG 14 GSF (Most Bluegill)
Roger, Hunter
& Taylor McQueen 11 BG 7 GSF
Avery Brown- 7 GSF
Dona Bailey 3 BG
Justin Rowlette 8 BG 6 GSF
Michael McIntyre 7 BG 1 GSF
Austin Horner 3 BG 10 GSF

Many others also turned in sunfish. Thanks for your help.
Overall some 200 bluegill and 200 green sunfish were captured and turned in to help understand if sunfish are eating quagga mussels in Lake Powell.

BYU students will now do the lab work and they will let us know the results which will be reported here when available.

All of us that participated learned a bit more about how to catch sunfish and where they live. I know I did and will be more mindful of bluegill and their habitats from now on.


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