Pin anchoring

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I presume from the photo above that they pump water into the huge bladder so it becomes a large heavy stationary object, simulating a large rock. Not very pretty, but with enough weight, I would think it would suffice to replace a spike.

I like the idea of testing different anchoring ideas - it's really an exercise of applied physics with weight, mass, wind, slope, etc. that has to be taken into account. More power to them!
My main thought: I am with Greg. This looks like a step toward the Disney-fication of Powell.

Two random thoughts:

1. I suppose anything that keeps selfish people with little boating skill and a cheap hammer drill from drilling holes in sandstone is a good thing.

2. As a side benefit, a giant water blob might make it harder for another houseboat to beach right next to yours!
Sorry, but I just don't see me dragging that up on to the rock and filling it with water. Looks like "Welcome to your campsite, Number 3114 in Last Chance North"
Greg. I agree with you. I take rebar pins And drive them in the dirt with an ax I paint them orange each Spring. I don’t consider them a safety hazard of any kind. They get pulled out and put in my boats. If there are big rocks handy I ty the boat up to them first.I am not about to drag those big bladder anywhere.
Used to bury danforth anchors in holes big enough and deep enough to bury John Wayne out at 45 degrees from the boat, 75 to 100 ft away (to get the right scope on the lines). two to a side on 70 ft 3 decker boats. All 1 inch lines. I've seen the lines guitar string tight when the wind blows on one side. Never had one pull out buried that way. I really doubt that those bags would hold a 70 footer in a good blow. No way on one of the new 100 footers. Need a good anchor on the bow cleat also.
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