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Pictorial History of the Castle Rock Cut and Deepening Project - 2008

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wayne gustaveson

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Pictorial History of the Castle Rock Cut and Deepening Project
June 6, 2008 6:34 AM Waters from Warm Creek and Wahweap join after a long separation.


Waiting for the lake to rise over this high spot so the cut can fill.

Water conquered the high ground at first light and began running along the bottom of the cut.

It was a remarkable and satisfying experience to witness the water rushing across the flat this morning. It was not to be denied and moved with speed reminiscent of a small stream instead of a lake.

We held a rope out to mark the finish line where water from the two bays would join. From 5:30 to 6:30 AM the water moved about 80 yards. We have waited so long for the cut to open that the speed was very satisfying.

Rope was held by Nob Wimmer and Charlene Gustaveson who really enjoyed the whole event.

Here the water is within inches of joining. Joining occurred at 6:34 AM on June 6, 2008. Lake elevation at that time was 3615.69

The bottom of the cut filled quickly with the high spots being covered within an hour of the joining. The lake came up about one foot on this day. That is a rapid rise.

By 8:30 AM the cut looked like part of the lake.

(NOTE: the first boat to cross the cut on the afternoon of June 6 was manned by "Wordlings" Pete Klocki and Kevin Z)


By June 24th the cut was wide open and visible from long distances.
The lake elevation peaked at 3633.72 in 2008 covering the cut with 18 feet of water. It was passable from mid June 2008 to early January 2009.

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