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PHOTO BUCKET charges $400 a year to post your pictures on a third party site now. Got figure out how to get all my years of pictures off there and tell them to go 666. I pay an annual fee now for no pop ups. When you click on my so called pictures can you see them?
Dave, they changed their policies several months ago. I know a few people that got away with continuing to post photos from here by paying the "small annual fee", but not many.

I switched to imgur. Takes a bit to get to know how to use it (I still can't figure out how to link from my phone), but it is a good, free alternative. At least for now.
The PhotoBucket pictures you posted the end of November in the "favorite LP photo" thread are no longer visible to me.
LOOKS LIKE THERE IN NO WAY FOR ME TO RETRIEVE ANY OF MY PICTURES. THEY HAVE THEM ON RANSOM. I did save some when i got my new computer. I had some issues with YOUTUBE awhile back. GOOGLE mad me re- resister ., guess a lot of people had issues. would not recognize their name or pass word.
I was pretty sure they still allow you to download all your uploaded pictures from their site without having to pay the annual fee. They are your photos after all.
Open the photos on Photobucket on your mobile phone then take a screenshot of them one at a time - can you do that?
Oh :(

Give your username and password to a 12 year old neighbor with a smartphone and pay him $50 to do it. :)

Then he can email them to you
From what I have heard, the bigger problem with downloading your photos back from PB is that you have to do it one at a time.

Hate to give advice after the horse has left the barn, but it is best to keep photos locally. An external hard drive with more space than you will ever need could likely be had for less than $100.
Just for static storage, archive stuff, you cannot beat the amazon program.

I got grandfathered in a few years ago at 1 T for free, that’s a lot free digital space. I think the new program is $5 a year. A big surprise about Amazon, their corporate HPC and AWS is a massive product and profit center for Amazon.
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