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    I am sorry to report that a long time wordling - Pete Nebrich passed away. He was one of the original members that signed on many years ago. He was an avid reader that came to the old shad rallies and brought his family along. It was so good to see the family and watch them go fishing as a great group of peole.

    I will miss PeteAZ but am honored to have know him.

    Click the pdf to download and view a picture of Pete.

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  2. Gem Morris

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    Part of the Greatest Generation. I honor those who served! God rest his soul and be with his family!
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  3. Edward Gerdemann

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    The problem with getting older is people you know start passing away. I've lost a number of friends over the past few years including some Wordlings. It gives me pause to think that it's not a right but a privilege to live on this earth and do the things we do. I hope we never lose sight of that.

    Ed Gerdemann
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    Sorry to hear about Pete, I've lost three family member's in the last year, and it is tough.
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    He was a heck of a nice guy. I don't think I've ever seen a boat more over-loaded then him on the trailer. I helped him unload at LEAST 500 lbs of stuff to get him unstuck on the beach at Lone Rock at one of the Rallies :cool:
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