Pest Control for the Houseboat

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I'm currently a new owner of a houseboat and this year we had a huge issue with spiders, pests, etc. Does anyone know of any companies near Page or at the Marinas that would willingly spray down and wipe down a houseboat? I mean, is that possible at the marinas?
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If you are just asking for a service to spray down your boat with soap/water and broom off all of the spiders before you get there, I know all the southern lake marinas offer cleaning services that will do that. Do be advised though that they must do this right before you arrive or you will have more spiders again the morning after cleaning.

NPS does not allow commercial services to spray your boat with pesticides. Further, I'm pretty sure individuals are not allowed to spray their boats with pesticides either.

The good news is, even though the spiders look horrible, some like they could eat your poodle for lunch, they look worse than their bite - a bite from one of these is much like a mosquito bite - itches for a few days, but that's it.

If by 'pests' you mean mice, setting multiple traps is best solution (besides keeping them off your boat in the first place(y))
Spiders are always a problem in the slips. We keep a leaf blower on the boat, and have found that is as good a way as any to get rid of the them.
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