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Pat Milburn Report from Knowles to Scorup

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wayne gustaveson

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Here are some pictures and quick report from my weekend trip to Lake Powell, we stayed on my buddy Cal's houseboat and fished a couple days. I was really excited to try out some new lures I am repping. (Steelshad) They did not disappoint ! Mostly smaller fish, I think due to the recent storms and off weather. I did lose a Largemouth at the boat that was about 5 Lbs. The SteelShad lures worked extremely well. They caught everything !!! Fishing was actually pretty tough with cold fronts moving in and out. On this trip they out-fished other proven lures. Friday and Saturday were calm and about 65 degrees and sunny. Water surface temp was about 65 to 68 degrees. We ended up coming home a day early when we woke up to cold temps and very windy yesterday so we headed home. If the fishing conditions had been better, I think we would have done even better!!! This morning Cal said it was 34 degrees and very windy, he stayed down for boat work, I think we made a good call to head back.
We caught a fair amount of SMB a few LMB, about 20 CRAPPIE, 1 WALLEYE, a few Bluegill and a few small Stripers mostly on the Steelshad. We brought home a few bags of fillets, so fishing action was OK considering. A great time on the Lake !!
We stayed in Knowles, fished there, Seven Mile, Good Hope and up as far as Scorrup canyon. The Canyons seemed to be better than main channel for us.
We tried Grubs, tubes, Ned Rigs and the Steelshad. Shad lures and colors worked better that crawdad for us this trip. Caught a mixed bag of the above mentioned fish, Did not target Stripers. FYI We did run into some guys that told us they had done well trolling diving crankbaits in Two Mile and Fourmile for quite a few healthy Stripers.


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