Papa Jack's High Water Level Contest 2024 (Guessing has Closed)



Contest Guessing Ends March 31, 2024 at 11:59PM


1-) You must be a registered Wordling on Waynes Words in order to post a guess in either the Low or High Water Level Contest.

2-) And you are only allowed one guess under your handle name. You cannot post a guess for anyone else and once you post your guess it cannot be changed. Unless your guess was taken already by another Wordling, in which case I will notify you to make another guess.

3-) Please post your guess in the Lake Level Contest Pinned thread and nowhere else for it to be entered in the contest. I will post the current guesses every few days so you can see what has already been taken and hopefully prevent duplicate guesses.

4-) Each contest will close at a specific date and time listed prior to the start of each contest and will close on Page, AZ standard time. There will be no further guess after that time.

5-) The winner will be determined by the Wordling that guesses the closest to the final Lake Level be it in the High or Low Lake Level Contest. (By the closest, I mean above or below the final Lake Level. Low level is the last Wordling standing on dry ground. High level is the last Wordling to take the plunge.) The Water Level Master’s word is final.
3652, ambitious I know but I woke up to 6 inches of new snow and snow falling here in Flagstaff on Easter Morning, so... I'm hopeful for more unusual precipitation in the region and resulting inflow in the next few months. Of course who knows what Reclamation will do if we get extra. 🤞

Can't find the Easter Eggs today
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