Otter Alert

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Very cool. I've seen them South, but didn't know they could be found so far North. Pretty neat knowing they are up here at North Lake too.
They were by the Haystacks in Warm Creek as well......being watched by a Coyote above them :cool:
There were 3 otters by the double islands on the way to Warm Creek on the right. they did some swimming and then hopped out of the water and went up and over the hill toward the main channel.
Mary and I watched a pair of otters last Saturday, Sept 29, for about 10 minutes. We were in Knowles, about 1/4 mile in from the mouth on the S side. It was pretty windy, with lots of additional waves from nearby tubers, jet skiers and such, so it took several minutes to morph from "Did you see something?" to "What was that?" to "Otters!!" Fishing for SMB was pretty slow that morning so the otters were the highlight of the day. Gotta wonder if this is the same pair that was near Moki the day before.
Ten years on the lake and never saw one. It's a lucky day when that happens. Seen eagles, swimming coyotes. mountain sheep and waterspouts to name a few but not one otter. I just read this last sentence and suddenly I sound like a whiner. Yikes... I've been very lucky.
I will never forget waiting for my brother to get situated for a ski in the water at Lake Granby. A couple of heads popped up in the water a few feet away, and my terrified brother tried to walk on water towards the boat in order to escape the evil hybrid fresh water shark/crocodile thingy that was about to devour him. We still refer to the man-eating otter incident.
We used to have at least one huge otter here on Havasu - they do get around, you'd see in him the channel and then all of a sudden he'd be in a cove on the other side of the lake. Guess in search of fish...... but one morning early in Oak Canyon at Lake Powell there was one swimming around the houseboats. He hung around until people starting waking up and making noise then disappeared..
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