Optimal position for transom-mounted transponder

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I'm considering the purchase of a new Lowrance Hook2 with Tripleshot transponder (down, down HD, and side imagine).

I'm not experienced with how to mount the transponder on a bowrider with Inboard outdrive (it's a 350 HP Volvo Penta with the DP outdrive).

I'll be mounting it on the back of a 2016 Stingray 225 LR with "speed hull".

Is anyone here qualified to give professional advice on mounting e.g.
  1. Where in relation to the V
  2. How far should it stick below the bottom of the hull
  3. Are there any issues using a transom-mounted transducer when you have a large outdrive like mine directly behind it?
  4. Etc...
Your feedback would be helpful.

Thank you.
When you decide to purchase, the owners manual will tell you the best place and depth to mount the transducer.
You don't want to mount it in front of the drive because it will cause cavitation issues with your drive and prop. From what I have always seen is mounting on the starboard side, just outside the middle strake.
Thanks Dave. I figured the manual would be very generic because it’s written for 15,000 different scenarios, but perhaps I underestimate how useful it will be.

The unit I’m looking at is brand new and I couldn’t find a PDF of the manual online to evaluate its usefulness.

I think your advice is consistent with what I’ve seen and such, putting it somewhere it doesn’t interfere with the prop, keeping it low enough to be in the water but not to far to take the brunt of debris you run over, and placing it somewhere the hull in front of it doesn’t cause interference from strake turbulence, etc.

The source of my concern is focused on two primary variables:

1. If my unit has “Side-View”, does mounting it on one side past the strake eliminate its ability to “view” the other side? (Will the hull be in the way?)
2. Second highest concern is strakes and other features of this “Speed Hull” design on the Stingray creating pockets of air or bubbles which obviously negate the units function, at least while moving fast.

I enjoy talking through something like this and appreciate your input since it’s not something I want to fuss around with once it’s mounted!

Thank you sir.
I have the structure scan transducer, if this one is similar it is huge! I put it about 2 feet or so to the side, with the transducer sitting just below the hull. It works great with the side view on both sides, but really does not read the bottom very reliably over about 20 mph.

Any turbulence will affect the accuracy of the sonar, regular, chirp or side view. Avoid the strakes with your placement. Does your boat have as stepped hull? if so, it will definitely affect the performance of the FF....
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