NPS: Winter Season Changes to Facilities at Lees Ferry and Lake Powell


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Several people have asked about the current status of various facilities. This was released by the GCNRA NPS crew at the end of October.

Thinking about a quick trip to BF. Anyone know if the restrooms at the slips are open??I assume the water is off on the slips; any potable water at the slips/marina?? Store open?? Thx for posting the NPS link.


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Bullfrog is open year-round. So, barring any repairs going on, there should always be a restroom of some sort (currently a rental houseboat). The store is usually manned (on demand) by whoever is in the office. I'm not sure about the current potable water situation, but it is usually available at the office/store location all year.

Things may have changed since I was there last week. So, as always, your mileage may vary. :)