Now that the summer is over-

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Now that the summer is over and things have ground to a halt (Stateline ramp is closing this week and NO one is on the lake), who fishes around the calendar here in the winter?

I'm thinking catfish and bluegill during the winter. Anyone ever done that? Can they be found?
Any tips on finding either during the winter?

If the weather is "warm" enough I'd drag the boat out and try.
I have fished in falling snow in the Sierras in the past.
Might be interesting to be the only one on the lake and catching fish! :) :)
Many on here are experts at spooning stripers by the thousands during the winter.
I tried for bluegill recently without success but I am not good at it and failed miserably. I do know how to find stripers in the winter and highly recommend that approach. If you are going to get cold anyway you might as well catch a big fish.
My wife really wants to try for catfish but she might like spooning for stripers. I'll ask her.
I thought bluegill might be fun on a small rod. I used to catch them by the hundreds in a couple of ranch ponds over in Calif.
If I'm the only one on the lake I'll be taking my GOES satellite rescue beacon with me just in case!!!

What did I read somewhere-
They made me buy a small rod when I moved to Colorado so the little fish felt bigger??
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