Northern lake boil report September 6-7th

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IMG_0926.JPG IMG_0930.JPG We had a quick 2 day trip and found nice healthy striper boils waiting for our arrival.

Ran up past Moki and ran into our first mini slurp around 7:30 on the 6th. Got my buddy into his first topwater striper pretty quickly. After the few random main channel splashes I explained we were looking for "boils" and continued on.

At 9:00am rolled up on Knowles (main channel) and had a 4 hour long boil we followed up to about tapestry wall lasting till about 1:00pm They just kept slowly moving and we landed hundreds of fish on top water poppers. The great thing was the two other boats that got in on the action. A nice bay boat and a Lund. Everyone was very respectful of space and I can only guess they also had a blast with these fish. All healthy
fat 3-6 lb'ers

9/7 we ran up to same spot at mouth of Knowles and didn't see anything at 7:30am. Big motored around for a few scanning the channel and didn't see anything. I made the call we needed to motor north. Saw a boil at Warm Springs mouth south entrance and hauled WOT towards it. As I was killing big motor noticed entire Warm Springs canyon was going off!!! The stripers were blowing up everywhere in the middle of the canyon. Fished these guys for 3 hours straight and slowly followed them towards the back of the canyon. Caught so many fish! Hundred at least between two of us! We were joined by a very respectful fisherman on a jet ski that also was having the best day ever!

Around 11am the canyon bite slowed enough we ventured to the channel and continued to catch fish up into the mouth of 7 mile canyon. Exhausted, bleeding and battered Lol we were content with our 2 day striper boil extravaganza! Love Powell in the fall!

We started wearing my beautiful wife's fishing gloves that I always made fun of before this trip. Finger saviors for sure! Lake Powell rule #1 is no net allowed unless it's a trophy. Haven't caught one of those...yet!
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