North Report - Rincon and Iceberg

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May 25-31 2019
Lake temps 62-70
Water level 6052-6055

We targeted small mouth and stripers mainly.
Found small mouth with jig head and white tail to be the main go to lure for small mouth. Seemed to work better over Ned Rig, the faster presentation seemed to be the key. Fished the rocky area's around the Rincon with good success. Even picked up a few walleye using those too.

Striper with bait was found on the points along the channel of Iceberg, with catch rate of 30-45 an hours to be the standard. Found that points that still had morning shadow where better than points in total shadow or total sunlight. only fished in mornings. They where some that were very healthy and some that were skinny.

Catfish- caught some really nice catfish off back of house boat... ranging from 2 pounds up to 4 pounds- using catfish bait balls from Wal-Mart ( sorry Wayne I know you suggest using left over hot dogs from dinner, but with teen aged boys ... never seem to be any:))

All in all the kids and everyone had a great time catching fish at Lake Powell as well as doing all the other things Lake Powell has to offer.
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