North Report 9.21.2017 to 9.24.2017

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Launched at Bullfrog ~9am before all of the wind and camped in Moqui. Probably could have made it further north but found a good spot before the wind came up.

Stuck to spots out of the wind as I didn't want to waste the battery on my Ulterra on the first day. So, spooned at the mouth of Moqui with Kastmasters and Hopkins spoons and nothing. Found a decent sized schools, but nothing doing. Fished back on Moqui off of rock piles and did fine on small SMB and LMB. Nothing notable on size, except for one, two pound SMB.

Tried the mouth of Moqui, and Hansen with spoons and also tried downriggers with the spoons and a flutter spoon at 50-60ft.......nothing. Pretty frustrating. Never any boils. The morning was pretty calm, but the W was in full effect by the afternoon.

Went to back of Hansen and caught green bass again then to Halls for food/reload and tried dome rock with downrigger.......but at this point my guests had lost patience a little bit. First time at Powell for them. and the wind was pretty bad. Headed back to camp to enjoy some daylight.

Hit it hard. First light went to mouth of Moqui to check for boils real quick (nothing) and then Hansen, then Forgotten and Smith Fork.......nothing at all on spoons or down rigger, even though the Lowrance showed fish.......especially at Forgotten. Went to Hansen and fished structure and did well on small SMB, LMB on single tail grubs and shad raps.........and did the same in Cedar. Around 4 ran back to Moqui. Used downriggers right down the middle of Moqui until the split and nothing.

Went to very back of Moqui as there wasn't much time and finally caught the tail end of a boil. I did not figure them to be back there. Caught a few stripers and a bunch of LMB hanging out after the boil (small ones). Headed home.

Conclusions - conditions made it a tough weekend and I did not figure to find stripers in the back of Moqui. The water temps was ~74 the whole time so I was convinced that deeper water was needed. It was 14 feet in the back of Moqui where we found them.......but it was first light. I don't even think that pattern will hold this next week. So don't take too much from this other than "the fish are where you find them."
What water depth did you target with the downriggers? I'm expecting to find fish this weekend on main channel breaks so I'm wondering if you can give a little more detail to your trolling method. Thanx and sorry you didn't get into them. With first timers I'm always less efficient and that gets frustrating
Trolling for stripers is always a fast troll at 3.5 to 4.0 mph. So, there is a lot of blowback. I had an 8lb ball and a 4lb ball. I was trolling the 8lb at 60-70 feet and the 4lb at 20-30 feet. I would graph fish all along the water column from 120 feet to 15 feet. I never really graphed fish in water where the total depth wasn't at at least 80 feet or so. It seemed like all those fish along the main channel were holding at depth. I assume these were the bigger fish, because the ones that we caught in the back of Moqui were the smaller variety - like 17 inches.
Yeah I think I'll start in the 30-60' benches with my trusty leadcore and if that doesn't work, maybe dip in shallow with long lines. I love to pull cranks so I hope to find "THE" pattern
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