North November 11-13

Dungee Fishing

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Decided to take advantage of the amazing weather and head down to the North end for a few days. The weather, moon, and camping were all amazing, but the fishing was pretty tough. Sounds as though we shouldve stayed near Bullfrog but we still had a great time. We Bass fished mostly throwing a variety of baits in the north end of Good Hope, the most consistent was a simple zero bait or yamamoto shad grub, but shad cranks along with senko's, and spider jigs worked in cinnamon and brown. Friday was quite a bit better than Saturday numbers wise but all fish we caught were very healthy, and despite hearing and seeing Bass blow up on shad all night in the moonlight I found quite a few Smallmouth with crawdad's in their stomachs. We caught a few Stripers here and there but no Walleye this time. We did make it up to Striper City but not with enough time to really troll some up. Water temps were anywhere from 63-65. Ill have some pics and a video up soon.

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