North Lake Quagga Mussels

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    Talked to Exec. services captains at Bullfrog yesterday about whether they have seen mussel buildups on rocks in the area. "Lost Eden walls are covered black with them" was the response. I am trying to determine if they are potentially going to cover rocks containing Dino tracks, in which case the tracks could be destroyed.
    My boat has not yet been dewinterized, and might not be before the end of the month. The runoff historically will reach the Lake around the first week in April and the exposed mussels will again begin to be covered with water. I would like to try to document the extent of the mussel coverage and density before the Lake covers it up again.
    If anyone on the board is out on the Lake out of the Bullfrog area and has a camera, could you please take a few moments to document areas you are in and post the photos.
    I want to use this information to discuss possible rescue of dino tracks with the Park Service.
    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    I was at the lake a couple weeks ago and I can tell you that we saw they mussels on the shady part of every rock. Not just one or two but thousands. We saw them all the way up to striper city. They only place we didn't see them is when we pushed up the river to get into white. I think the flow of the river has kept them out of there for now. That is until the lake comes up and the river current diminishes at the entrance of white.
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    Hobie Cat Beach Bullfrog Bay
    November 24th 2016



    Bullfrog Marina Houseboat Pulled at Launch Ramp
    February 11th 2017


    Hall's Crossing Ferry Cove
    February 12th 2017


    I shot a video from the beach in the ferry Cove but apparently my fingers slipped cause what I thought was like a 2 minute video turned out to be only like 4 seconds. :(
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    Hi Docker,
    Thanks for the post. I took some pictures at Hobie Cat on Saturday as well. The Exec. Services captains said the canyons were in much worse shape with mussels than Hobie Cat.
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    That's sad to hear about the canyon walls. Lost Eden is a favorite lunch spot in the summer...
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    It pains me to see these pics. So sad.
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    Most all of the North facing walls (this week) in Hansen were pretty much covered to about 10' above the water line. Sq