North Lake, November 4-6

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  1. Ryan

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    Went to the lake to do a little work on the houseboat, and did some fishing as well.

    Fished GHB and north on 11/4 and 11/6. We stayed close to Bullfrog on 11/5.

    We had better luck on the Northern part of the lake than around Bullfrog. We did go all the way up to Trachyte. Got into some SMB, walleye, stripers and a few sunfish. Ended up keeping 9-10 both days for two of us (I would call that slow).

    For the half day on 11/5, we tried Bullfrog Bay, Stanton, and Moki. We caught some dinks, but nothing worth keeping.

    Weather was nice Friday and Sunday, got some rain Saturday (maybe that is what slowed the fishing?). Water temps ranged from 64 - 67.

    Not as cold as dad made it look.

    Typical SMB

    Some very aggressive bluegill.

    Fridays basket

    Biggest walleye of Friday

    Dad enjoying the sun

    Me enjoying the sun (we saw 82* that day)
    Dad caught this one right before it was time to head in. Biggest walleye he has ever caught.
    Basket on Sunday.
    At the fish cleaning station.
  2. Dungee Fishing

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    Thanks for the report! Can't wait.
  3. Lake Bum

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    Looks like a great trip, and good memories. That Walleye is NICE! :cool:
  4. Chet Garling

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    thanks for the report, nice fish.
  5. Doug Elworthy

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    Great report!
    Awesome fish!
    Thanks for the uplift today, I needed it!
  6. boil fever

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    Love the pics. That is a nice walleye. BTW the one pic is not a Bluegill, it's a green sunfish.
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  7. Bill Sampson

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    That looks like a good time to me.
  8. Lost Anchor

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    I fished the south end of Good Hope same days. Caught 17 crappies and 3 Walleyes on Friday. Saturday after the rain stopped, went back to the same areas and nothing except Green Sun fish. Wife and son caught 36 of them before I stopped them. Sunday just a few small mouth on points and rocks before we left.
  9. Jack Herrin

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  10. Jack Herrin

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    We fished Bullfrog bay Sat- Tuesday, trolling was good, but the boils along the shore line were great. Boils were going on in around the back of Bullfrog just about an hour before sunset until so dark you could not see anymore. The seagulls would give their location away. So if you are up there watch the shore line and watch for the seagulls diving into the boils.