North Fishing Report July 24-28

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Jack Herrin

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The 3 of us Steve Chapman, Stan Peters and myself. It was Steve's first time to Lake Powell for fishing.
We left out of Bullfrog Monday morning the 24th, Got to the horn around Noon and we seen boils right away. We still had to beach the houseboat so we could not fish too much. :) But ended up catching 45 that day. That night we got a very heavy rain and next morning it was still raining. We woke up to a very large water fall very near us. I thought since it was very cloudy and raining that the Stripers would not boil. But I was wrong... looked out in the bay 100 yards from houseboat and boils were happening. Got on our rain gear and fished boils all day long between 4 mile and the horn. Caught 100 plus that day. Stayed up late that night cleaning fish packing them in freezer bags then right into the 7cu freezer we have on board. We had to keep generator going 7x24 to keep up with the number of freezer bags full of fish we kept putting in the freezer. Next morning Wednesday we were sleeping in a little, I heard someone whistling and blowing boat horn. But did not get up to see who it was. Later on as we started about 8am to get out again to go fishing here comes Mike Bevelheimer and his wife Anne they had launch from Hite. They were the ones trying to get us up out bed. :) Mike had seen a few boils that morning before we got up. I asked him where he was yesterday, said they stayed in camp because of the heavy rains. :) of course I said he should have been there.
Boils were not as good on Wed , but still we got about 40 + that day mostly last 3 hours of the day. Next day was blue sky's and the boils started up early and lasted all day long. We filled up the fishing cooler again. We did not see any other boats that day fishing near us in the area.

I hope this link works,.. This was taken on Thursday 27th. We did not fish Friday as we left the Horn and the Striper of course said goodbye to us by boiling next to the houseboat as we headed back to Bullfrog.

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Just have a few pic's. I was too busy fishing to get one of myself. :) The waterfall was awesome. The day it rained on us there were two other boats fishing at the horn. I kept waiting for one of the boats to go to a boil that was right up on the shore line. I waved at them and pointed but they did not move, thought that was kind of odd. So I ran up the boil to caught a few before they went down. The two young guy's in a very new looking Crestliner just watched us. So I went over to talk them. They both had been fishing and said they had their live well full. Then just before we started to leave, they flashed their badges and side arms. :) Yep the game wardens. I thought I was going to be in big trouble because in my rush to get out that morning I did not want to take my fanny pack with my fishing license in it out in the pouring rain to get wet, so I left it on the houseboat. After they checked licenses for Steve and Stan I asked them if they would give me chance to go over to the houseboat to get my license they were very nice said of course and they would follow us over. I guess I could have gotten a ticket for not having my license on me. :) They check my license and went back to fishing boils. They looked like there were having as much fun as we were.



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Hey Kevin,

I would say about 1 out 10 of the ones caught in boils were not healthy. But I would not know that until I started to clean them and then I would just deep 6 them.
I think by Sept the un-healthy ones will be in better shape.
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