North End March 10-13

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First trip of the year was great! Weather couldn't have been more perfect, calm winds and sunny days. Water temperature ranged from 49-56 throughout the trip and the fishing was fair, we caught 25-30 fish a day? We caught a little of everything fishing for bass in structure, Walleye were foraging early morning and late, Smallies were up shallow, on gravel, on deep points, big rock but a little few and far between, LM were on shallower (sometimes in a foot of water) shelf areas or at the base of the biggest boulder in any given stretch of rock (if that makes sense?), a few really nice Crappie were mixed in the same areas, and a few hobo Stripers separate from schools were searching for their last meals. All fish were caught on soft plastics, brown, chartreuse, green pumpkin, watermelon and a few on shad or white. My Dad was having a lot of luck on a half green and half dark brown 3.5" worm on a drop shot rig for LM's. He caught three LM's in the exact spot i had casted with a different lure. My son caught a really nice Walleye slow reeling a white tube jig behind the boat, he now just needs a LM for his Powell grand slam. Ill have a lot more pictures and a video out soon. Cant wait to get back down again in a few weeks.

Other notes of mention: We saw current out towards Trachyte, the mudline hugs the mouth and is slowly creeping towards the mouth of two mile. And as mentioned and discussed, mussels are everywhere.

Thanks again for this great site!
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I was down there last weekend and was watching the same mud line - Did you break thru and fish above? I saw one boat slowly make it's way above and into Trachyte- wondering how it was above the line?
Yeah that was probably us. We trolled on the far side and into the mouth of Trachyte but didn't get anything. We were going to try fishing back there but it never cleared up.
We trolled for a short period just below the mud line but were picking up to much debris on our baits and moved down lake to fish 2 mile and 4 mile
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