No wake canyons?

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The reason for this is the Lost Eden is extremely narrow in spots, deep and very crowed in the summer -- There are very large caves and is a beautiful place to hang out. There are spots in the narrows of the canyon where two mid size boats have to be careful not to bang into each other especially if there are waves etc..

I have witnessed to many near misses in this area -- I believe that this was warrantied in this canyon though like you I don't want to see wakeless areas pop up all over the place -
these are the 4 that were designated last year as wakeless with the higher kayak traffic, they are a study right now and not permanent, but as we have seen in the past, they are probably permanent
I’m ok with it in Lost Eden. We sometimes go and hang out in the cave there. Anything above wakeless will bounce back and fourth for at least 15 minutes.

I think they should make more of the Rainbow Bridge canyon wakeless as well.
I don’t like to see More laws, but they need to make Kayakers wear brighter clothing, “Highway Worker Vests” or something along those lines. And both ends of their paddle should be Chartreuse and reflective. It’s just a matter of time !!
I agree about the kayaks, I came across a group in the middle of the lake paddeling North. Their low profile makes them very hard to see at cruising speed. I never got within 300 yds of the but the suprised me to see them in the center of the lake. I think flouresent vests would be very helpful. Sq
A lot of people on here complaining about the laws but we need to remember if you are within 150' of any vessel on the lake in Utah you are to be at a wakeless speed. Also I can't tell you how many times I have gone into lost eden and have had a boat come barrelling around the corner almost running me over on the other side of the canyon. You have your side and I have mine, don't cut the corner.
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