Night Fishing with Green Light

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by swampbuster, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. swampbuster

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    Planning on heading down to Bullfrog next week 28th & 29th for some night fishing with a 4 ft green light I just built for the trip
    From my readings it should be good timing
    End of October/upper lake / no moon
    I only tried this one time before and did have a little bit of luck straight across the bay from the launch at Bullfrog

    Question is with all the lights around the marina is just going across the bay getting me far enough away for my light to make the needed impact or would I be better off up at Moki , Hansen's or maybe at the mouth of Halls
    Can't go much farther than that
    Thanks for any help and I'll be sur to post on our trip
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    I have had mixed success with my green light. Sometimes it attracts TONS of shad & predator fish. Other times nothing. Not sure why, maybe someone else here knows.
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  3. Gem Morris

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    You'll be fine doing this where you have planned - houseboaters at Bullfrog do this all the time and they have lots of conflicting lights.
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  4. wayne gustaveson

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    Ryan - shad are schooling fish and sometimes the school is close to where you put out the light and other times they are too far away to see the light. The lights at the marina seem to keep the shad schools close so you may see more at the marina than further out in the bay. Shad also move if harassed and can be thick one night and gone the next.
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  5. swampbuster

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  6. swampbuster

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    Thanks everyone
    Sounds like we might do just as well staying right around Bullfrog

    Sounds like things are a little slow but it will be fun to try out the new light and hopefully no moon will help
  7. John Leu

    John Leu Active Member

    I usually have fair success staying close to the marinas. Bullfrog Buoy field is a good spot. Sometimes it's on other times it's dead - same light - just hit or miss
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