New Upper CO snow map now up!!

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Recreation' started by Brent, Jan 11, 2017.

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    That is one beautiful map, some of my favorite colors(purple is now my favoritest).
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    This is fantastic... California is looking great too- what a relief.
    My son lives in Gunnison and he can't believe what he is seeing- the most snow ever is his 20 years. They cancelled classes at the college there for the first two days of the semester and that hasn't happened for many years I hear- he says there is 5+ feet everywhere.
    I also like to keep an eye on the Jackson Hole Teton Village ski area (even tho it isn't in the Colorado Drainage, but close to it) and they are reporting over 300 inches so far this season- that is a bunch for Jan 10.
    Looking forward to Waterman starting the HIGH water contest now:)
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  4. Chet Garling

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    thanks for posting the map, 174% of normal here in the Roaring Fork valley!!!
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    What I love about the new map is you can click on the area of interest and see a map of average snowfall, last year and this year as in a chart!
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    I'd guess Full Pool if this continues!!!
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  8. Love the snow and rain but a break would be nice for us at our mine above Scofield, Utah. About 8 inches of water since Christmas Day. We are running out of places to move and store the snow and the trains and trucks are having trouble getting to the mine.
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  9. Gem Morris

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    This kind of map hasn't looked like this in a long, LONG time!!

    Favorite Child,

    Do you know about those snow melters they use at ski resorts (in Utah) to get rid of all the snow for the parking lots? They melt the snow and put the water down the storm drains.
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  10. Thanks Gem, I will have our guys look into those. We are getting to the point where we will have created our own mountain to ski on!

    Have high hopes Scofield fills this year and all the overflow heads on to Powell.
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  11. Dorado

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    Love the precipitation, but this is getting ridiculous! On Monday All roads in and out of Jackson, WY were closed. School was canceled for the first time in 30+ has to get pretty bad to close schools around here! We are used to driving in snow, but getting around is quite the challenge.

    On a negative note, our deer herds were really bouncing back from long-term drought, but this winter is going to be rough on them.

    Looks like a well deserved break in the storm pattern starting tomorrow.
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  12. Waterbaby

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    Shades of the 60's.... been watching the snow at Mammoth in California...... my husband talked about a storm when he was up skiing in the late 60's where over the weekend it snowed so much all the ski buses were literally buried under the snow. I could never imagine it - til now... some of the lifts they are now skiing down into the lift [when they are open] Squaw Valley had some wind gusts at 173 MPH - this is quite a storm system and so long overdue!
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  13. I remember skiing down to a few of the lifts at Alta in the big snow years of the early 80's. They also had to dig out the area in front of the lifts to get the chairs back out of the hole. Tips up to keep skis from getting trapped between the bottom of the chair and the snow. Rode the chairlift at Sundance with a buddy that was a big guy, so much so that in one area of the lift path we had to lift the bar and stand up to "ski" over a small rise to avoid having the chair drag through the snow. Used to tease him about his boots being so large they would work as skis for us normal humans. Had to be careful about that, not much of a sense of humor when it came to his oversized feet and, unfortunately for us, his fists.
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  14. Waterbaby

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    We had great snow years in CA back in the 80's to early 90's. I sure hope what is happening now is a good sign and the drought is giving us a break. After the big drought of the 70's finally let up we had some wonderful winters.
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    Awesome map , I love it ! Turn it all purple .

    I hope this continues and we get 50 plus feet rise at Powell..... rising a foot a day is a great thing.

    Forget el nino , we need more atmospheric rivers like recently .

    Hite concrete ramp here we come !
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  16. Gem Morris

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    "Hite concrete ramp here we come !"

    That would be awesome!!
  17. wayne gustaveson

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    Great Map. I hope it continues to provide such good information. FYI I put this link on the WW Home page index. Go to Web Links and Fishing Guides: When that opens up click on Water Levels>SnowMap. The other choice is Lake Powell water data. So when this thread gets buried you can still access the link with a couple of clicks.
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    Mammoth almost has too much snow for their own good. For the past week the majority o the mountain has been closed or on a "weather hold". They are hoping the storm begins to clear later today so they can get skiers up there this weekend.
  19. Waterbaby

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    We had great snow years in CA back in the 80's to early 90's. I sure hope what is happening now is a good sign and the drought is giving us a break. After the big drought of the 70's finally let up we had some wonderful winters.
  20. Gem Morris

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    That map was really exciting while it lasted - less than 48 hours?
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