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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by wayne gustaveson, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    We have a new Outreach Manager working with us in the DWR Southern Region which includes Lake Powell. He is an amazing video photographer with award winning credentials. I had the opportunity to take him on the lake yesterday and we were able to catch 35 stripers on spoons in Last Chance. I will post that video when it becomes available. For now I am posting video trailers to some of his work in the Arctic and Iceland.

    I hope you enjoy them:


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  2. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    Hopefully they let him use his drone at Powell.
  3. Chris Cross

    Chris Cross New Member

    Who are "they"? re: drones
  4. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    Good question... I beleive it would be the federal government in this case regarding use at Powell.
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  5. Meatwagon

    Meatwagon Well-Known Member

    WOW!!!!!!!!, outstanding video and editing. I can't wait to see what the Powell videos look like. Did he shoot a lot of footage when you guys were out?
  6. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    No our portion will be a small opening to an all DWR piece that will be shown to the Utah Legislature when they convene in February. So the end result will happen after the session and then we can see what it looks like after that is over. But this summer and fall he will come over again and we will work together to make some great stuff to share with you.
  7. Meatwagon

    Meatwagon Well-Known Member

    Look forward to it, he has a real talent that could really showcase a lake and fishery that we all look forward to spending time on, and thanks again for all that you have done for this amazing fishery.