New pumpout docks at Wahweap and Stateline?

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Grant Stevens - USBR

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Hey Folks,
We're slipped in Wahweap, and I've never had to pump out the houseboat as the management company takes care of this as part of the check on/off process.

We're doing a longer trip this year, and I may have the pleasure of completing this wonderful task.

Question, are the docks indicated in the pictures below the pump out docks? Also, they look new, can anyone confirm?

Wahweap launch ramp:

Stateline launch ramp:

And what the heck is this, new Dangling building???

Grant, I think your third image is an old one of the Halls marina store under construction at the Stateline ramp. It's in place now along with about a zillion mussels who made the trip north.

yes stateline and wahweep have new pumpouts and they are fabulous................... those are the correct positions of the pumpouts
Yes, yes, yes, YES!! Good news indeed. Pain in the behind to go to stateline to get propane and wahweep to the pumpouts.
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