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My first trip to Powell was in the 70’s, only a boat ramp existed at bullfrog. Camping was in tents on beaches. Crowding was not a problem and the bass and crappie fishing was great fun. I was on Powell during the Iranian rescue crisis listening on a ham radio and again on 9-11-2001, it was an errie sight with no con trails in the sky and we didn’t know why for several hours after they disappeared. I remember Wayne’s fishing tips in paper print and DWR reports before “forums” existed. I have launched and fished at Hite and traveled from one end to the other end by boat. Now that I have dated myself I want to thank all of you that contribute to these pages. It is so nice to see civility and caring in the comments I read here so often. I have been absent from Powell for over 15 years, I now have a great fishing boat and I am coming back! I feel proud to be a part of a group like this and look forward to new experiences and new friends on this special body of water! My wife and I are headed down to bullfrog this weekend for a quick fishing trip, any advice on where to find or expect to find stripers is welcomed. Again thanks to all of you for making this forum the kind of place I look forward to reading. And thanks to a special man, Wayne for doing what you do and sharing with all of us. I know it’s a tough job and someone has to do it!
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Nice introduction and welcome back. You will fit right in here. It is much easier to talk about fishing in civil tones instead of the new normal which is often agitated. Lake Powell is such a special place. I have only been here for 43 years and have no desire to do anything else. This is the top thing on my bucket list! Stripers have been hitting well in Knowles Canyon recently.
Thank you for your response. I was not aware you have gone through shoulder surgery! Extend your vacation and make sure you follow instructions to a speedy recovery. I believe you are more well known than any Utah politician! The world has changed so much, I have known about you for decades through many different media’s but in today’s world it is actually possible to meet you and I look forward to the day that might happen! Again thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I hope you beat the average recovery time and get back to normal quickly. Have a safe trip!
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