New guy. First trip to Powell.

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So the wife and I are renting a boat Sat and Sun. Plan is to boat around, fish and sit on a beach. We are going to camp on a beach overnight. This is more her trip before she is back in classes for the summer. We rented a 20' Baja.

Is the lack of a trolling motor going to make fishing really hard? I watched the Lake Powell Striped Bass 101 video and as he mentioned it will be hard to stay on your chum.

Any tips for targeting walleye? Have not had the chance to walleye fish since I left WI and would love to put a few in the frying pan.
I think the most important think is to know the wind forecast for the time you will be there and find protection that fits the wind pattern. If the wind is gonna blow from the sw then be sure you are on the ne side of cliffs ,big rocks,or something. Cliffs are the best. There is a ton of fishing info here, That should be the easy part.. Thar baja will scoot so I would at least go to padre bay but watch the weather. There is a unnamed cove cut into the eastern cliff face of padre about 4 miles from cookiejar with a beach , that could be very good. It's gorgeous and could accomodate two parties but you would just have to look. Check it out on google earth. Navajo canyon is spectacular and close but not many beaches. There is a big one on the right about 4miles in that you should be able to hook around but again you won't know till you see. Navajo is worth seeing under any circunstances. Tons of beaches around antelope island as long as you pick the correct side to be on so the wind/waves don't push your boat onto the shore.
If you watcher the striper 101 video, the Navajo Canyon beach I mentioned is just after the islands on the video
I agree on Navajo, beautiful canyon with good fishing as well. beaches are tough though. Don't try to beach in the mouth of warm creek, the boat wakes can be miserable.
Trolling is easy with a big motor because the average speed required is 3.5 mph. I have fished without a trolling motor most of the time and catch quite a few fish. Troll where water depth is about 25 feet to select stripers. Look for islands and points and troll the shallow areas at the edge of shallow areas. All LP fish really like drop offs so target the breaking edges of shallow water.
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