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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by wayne gustaveson, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. wayne gustaveson

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    I am scheduled to make a video later this week with Adam Eakle. I want to go to the very best striper boil spot but the reports from this busy weekend are not pouring in. If you have a sustained boil report from any spot on the lake in the last week please let me know. I guess we can "elect" the best spot by popular vote. If you have seen a boil you are officially registered to vote. Please add time of day that boil was seen. Thanks for your help.
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  2. jt465

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    Hi Wayne - we fished the Labor Day weekend - from Friday morning early until Monday mid day. We launched at Hite and spent most of our time in the GHB area. Friday was slow - we found only a few boils and didn't have much luck catching fish before they went down. On Saturday we mostly traveled down the lake breaking in a new outboard and didn't do much fishing. On Sunday and Monday boils were steady from mid morning on but they were not sustained boils, just a few splashes then down again. We didn't see any boils that sustained for more than about 30 seconds. We managed to land a cast in or near most of the boils we saw and caught fish from about half of the boils we got close to. We had to make long casts in many cases because the fish were up and down so fast, but we were lucky twice when we were smallmouth fishing along the shoreline and a boil started up and then moved into casting range. We totaled about 30 stripers during the trip and all of them were fat and healthy. The largest and longest boil we saw was at first light on Sunday behind the floating restroom at GHB. We saw consistent but quick boils in Red Canyon near the saddle-shaped island, near Castle Butte, both up lake and down within about a half mile, about a quarter mile down lake from Four Mile Canyon and about a half mile down lake from the mouth of White Canyon.
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  3. wayne gustaveson

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    Thanks for your report. Just as I suspected. We will be going to Bullfrog tomorrow and fishing from Halls to White on Thursday and Friday. We will tie all the once cast boils into a long scene that looks like we were fishing a single boil for a long time, :) Just kidding I would be happy with chasing them all morning one cast at a time.
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  4. russellweight

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    Wayne, Sunday mid day we did have one large boil while up in the San Juan that lasted for about 40 minutes. It started out in the large cove that we were fishing, and moved in towards the shore as we fished it. It was FULL of heavy hitting stripers and many smallies. The majority of our stripers for our trip came from this action! It was a blast!
    We mainly only saw fleeting boils for the rest of the trip that came up and went down just as quick. If you were in casting range you usually caught a fish, but you had to be quick! Surprisingly many of these smaller boils were made up of large smallmouth instead of stripers. Other than that, our only other "boils" were shad being pushed up along the shore line. Which was amazing to see and hear. My son and wife kept saying it sound like fireworks! Which it really did!
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  5. Doug Elworthy

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    Fished the back of Hall's Creek Bay Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
    Friday sunrise till 8:30 AM were the only sustained boils we found.
    We caught 25 that morning, all fat and healthy.

    Camped in a small cove just beyond Moki Canyon. The little cove was hideout for Shad, huge schools of Shad stayed in our shallow~15' deep cove. No stripers came in to feed on them, I guess it was too shallow and warm.
    The schools of Shad would jump and break the surface, not sure what they were doing. Did not see any fish feeding on them.
    Hope you find them Wayne!
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  6. fishingtherapy

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    Buoy 117 a and b right on the corner two turns up from cedar canyon the boils will start right as the sun hits the water at about 7 and last until 930 but the spoon fishing was much hotter as you were able to keep the mass underneath you and catch larger fish. We were able to hold this mass under us several days in a row until the boxes were at capacity and arms were tired. Also I factored that I had to fillet the mass but we assembly lined through it to bring home a couple huge chests of fillets. Monday morning (Labor Day) photos attached.

    I'm sure you want the show to be good so feel free to PM or e-mail if you want more info.

    20170904_102500.jpg 20170903_084947.jpg 20170903_073137.jpg 20170903_073131.jpg
  7. fishingtherapy

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    I should also add there were explosive large top water boils in the afternoon between 430 and 630 all around the horn past good hope ending as you hit the open water leading into Farley and Whites.

    Edit: They probably went until dark but we weren't up there that long.
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  8. Chet Garling

    Chet Garling Well-Known Member

    Battleship in white an hour sustained both sides of rock sept 6th noonish.
  9. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    We found those fish right where you said and they were still going strong as you indicated. One school which you described and another right upstream from the GHB Rest room and the grand finale in White Canyon. 130 stripers in 4 hours. NICE

    Adam Eakle caught a huge carp on a grub after the boils went down. It was probably 8 pounds.
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  10. treetop

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    Please let us wordlings know when it will be on tv. Thanks treetop
  11. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    The program is scheduled to be broadcast on September 30 at 6:30 pm on KSL TV. It can also be viewed on demand at
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  12. fishingtherapy

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    Wayne glad to be of help! Good to hear they were still going strong for you we were catching 50-60 each morning in about 2.5 hours out of one boat and catching them one of the best ways on spoons!

    Looking forward to the show!
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    If anyone can supply a link to watch this I would appreciate it. I don't believe I get KSL in Southern California. Sorry, I just saw the KSL link above.
  14. wayne gustaveson

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