Need some new trolling motor batteries

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It's time for some new batteries for the trolling motor and I can't decide on which ones to get. Considering some Duracell AGM's from Sam's club but have a few issues to consider. For one they don't make one that will fit my trays exactly. I would like to get the biggest ones I can - the 31 series I think are the biggest - but they are slightly larger than my trays. Second I have an old charger that came with the boat, so I am wondering how effectively it would charge an AGM battery or would I need to upgrade my charger as well? I bought an Optima for the cranking battery 2 years ago and it has worked great. Would buy some for the trolling motors if I could find a deal on them. Sam's no longer carries them because they supposedly moved the manufacturing to Mexico. Don't want to spend to much cause I am going to get another boat in a year or so. Reviews for this battery were mixed???
If you aren't keeping the boat, Why waste dollars on AGM's? Just get a couple of cheapies from Wally-World. If the charger isn't made to charge AGM's it could toast them.
I am in a similar situation as you Flipper. I have an onboard Guest Pro 2610. I emailed the manufacturer to ask if it could be used to charge AGM batteries and they said that it depends on the battery requirements. The Guest Pro 2610 has a max voltage output of 14.5 and it floats at 13.1-13.5 volts.

I looked at Deka batteries and they say to charge to at least 14.4 volts but no more than 14.6 volts. Rolls AGM specs say to charge to at least 13.65 volts but no more than 14.55 volts. So I guess it depends on the battery manufacturer.

Optima Blue Top batteries have the most information I could find. They say the batteries have a charge range of 13.8 - 15 volts at 10 amps for 6-12 hours and a float range of 13.2 -13.8 volts at one amp.

Marineco makes an updated model of my charger, the Guest Pro 2610A, which is rated for AGM batteries. I checked the charging output specs on it and they are exactly the same as mine.

Each charger is going to be different so you will have to check with the manufacturer.
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