Need Some Info on South Lake Trip This Week

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Hi All,

We are coming down from SLC and arriving around 0800 Thursday morning to the South end. I'm a north ender usually so some advice is needed.

1. Preferred launch ramps? On previous trips I have launched at Antelope public ramp and found it to be not to crowed and easy to find a pull through. Any better (shorter walk, less crowded etc.) ramps to launch at?
2. I don't like to tow with the boat full of gas and water. Where is a convenient place to fill up with both just prior to launching?
3. My plan is to go uplake to Rock Creek and find a base camp and use DR Marina for resupply. Any advice on areas to look with a good chance of finding a afternoon shaded spot. I know, asking alot :)
4. We will be fishing during the day and targeting Stripers. I will check the fishing reports, but feel free to include any tips, general areas here.
5. Most convenient place to buy Anchovies???

Thank you in advance.!
I will post a full trip report upon return.

If you are arriving from SLC why drive an extra 20-30 minutes to launch at Antelope. You many want to consider Wahweap. You can fuel at the top of the ramp or just outside the park near the exit to lone rock.

A coworkers does this trip several times a year, fishes rock creek, refuels at DR and camps in Friendship for sun sets and cell signal.
Good point. That's why I'm seeking advice.
The only reason we went To Antelope before is less crowded ramp and the Cut was not open at that time.
Looks like the "boat time" to the point to head uplake is about the same as that from Antelope as well.
All ramps on the south side have a long walk up hill. State line is probably the easiest to deal with. FYI, it's nice to give (and receive) rides up/down the ramp. You can fill up in page or the station mentioned earlier. Maverick and shell have some nice pumps with space for rvs and trailers. You can get anchovies in page (Walmart) or at the marina. We have "special" Tupperware just for anchovies as not to stink up the whole cooler. I suggest you buy everything outside the park before you start as things like gas and ice are way over priced. Been years since I bought ice at DR but last time was $6.50 for a wet bag, I now have a large yeti that I am getting payback on.
Fill up in Geene Haven, you can also get chovies and ice there. It's about 6 miles before the turn off to the stateline launch ramp which I think is alot easier/better than the main launch ramp. Take the first entrance into GCNRA then first left. That road puts you on the stateline launch ramp if you just stay on it. When we go to Powell we are usually meeting people at stateline so if we are early we go to Page and supply up and fuel up. It is a little cheaper at the Maverick for fuel and Walmart for everything else but if time is valuable then it's considerably quicker getting in the water without going to Page. Friendship provides nice beaches and shade so does Middle Rock Creek and Rock Creek proper, with a floating restroom/pumpout at the entrance to Rock Creek. Dungeon also provides some nice beaches and closer to DR. There is a wonderful cove east of Neanderthal that is hidden which gives great protection and shade. Fishing is good in the entire area except we don't fish much in Dungeon. If the wind is coming out of the west, it can be brutal coming out of Friendship and Rock Creek as the main channel in that area runs west to east but that is typical with any Powell trip, you are rsponsible for the decision making and hopefully all your decisions will be good. Have a safe fun trip
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