Need Fishing Reports

wayne gustaveson

Staff member
I need more fishing reports for the old Anglers Corner page on There are still a lot of folks looking at that to get the latest fishing information on specific spots. I put the walleye fishing video posted this morning on the old site and it already has over 75 views in 2 hours.

If you go fishing please post a report on this page and include a picture if possible. I can then add the report to the old AC page if some are just viewing there. I want to get the info out to as many as possible. Some like to use the new website and others like the old fashion one that has been used for over 16 years. Some of us old guys figured out how to use it and don't want to change.

If you want to send me a fish report, please send it to I will then post it to the old AC. It easy to click back and for the between the new and old site thanks to Bart. Keep up with both as there may be some reports that only appear on one of the sites.