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Navajo Nation: America’s One of The Most Beautiful Lands, Waterscapes and Historic Places

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Navajo Nation: America’s One of The Most Beautiful Lands, Waterscapes and Historic Places

Posted By: Pooja October 25, 2017

The Navajo Nation, a Native American territory, which is known as the ‘US Indian Reservation’ that covers nearly 17,544,500 acres (i.e. 27,413 sq. mi; 71,000 km2). Navajo lands occupy the portion of southeastern Utah, northeastern New Mexico and northwestern Arizona sin the United States. It is the largest piece of land reserved by tribe of Native Americans with a rough population of 340,000.

A national parks traveler, Mikah Meyer was flying around and over the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which is the National Park Service’s unit to stretch the hundreds of kilometers to southern Utah from Arizona’s southwestern state. He then described that flight with courtesy of the American aircraft manufacturing company, American Aviation.

Mikah Meyer stated while describing his tour that, “An amazing flyover where we got this bird’s-eye view of everything I was about to experience over the next few days.”

However, since 19th century, the original territories have been expanded for several times. Then in 2016, around 149,524 acres (i.e. 233.63 sq. mi; 605.10 km2) of the location had been returned in order to follow the Tribal Nation Buy-Back Program. The part of land was made returned by the Interior Department of the Navajo Nation, specifically for a tribal communal use. It was a program that actually intended to contribute in restoring the reservations for land bases.

Mikah added in saying that, “What makes it so incredible is that there really aren’t any trees or anything around it. It was desert rock that was filled with water. And so you have this amazing stark contrast between this pure blue, and then these white, orange and red rocks right up against the water, for thousands of miles of shoreline…so the juxtaposition of colors is really incredible.”


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Nice photo, but directionally challenged writer. The last time I was on the reservation, it was in northEASTERN Arizona and northWESTERN New Mexico.
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