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As I have mentioned in a previous post that I am planning on driving the Blue Notch and Farley roads in a side-by-side. It has been brought to my attention that these roads may be in the National Park and therefore, it may not be legal to drive a side-by-side or four wheeler in there. Can anyone shed some light on this. I really don't want to get into any trouble.
There is a new policy allowing access to additional shorelines(decisioned in August last year). White Canyon, Farley Canyon, Blue Notch, and Red Canyon are included. They are going to institute a yearly ORV permit, but I haven't seen/heard of any progress on that front. Attached is a snippet with the relevant information on page 10(attached). The way I read the new plan is that conventional motor vehicles have access year round(with permit), and street legal ATV's will have access from March through October(with permit). All areas are off-limits to OHV's(all vehicles not included in the first two categories). We normally fish Farley/White and in the last 3 years(fishing 5-6 times per year), we have seen a ranger twice in Farley. I personally think it's silly to put a plan in place in August without being ready to offer the permits. If it were me I'd go ahead and take the UTV in and plead my case if it comes to that(perhaps printing this page or the full document(I can't get a working link to attach)).


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what National Park are you talking about?

Lake Powell is part of a National Recreation Area (it is NOT a national park). ATV use is allowed inside the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, including down the Blue Notch Road. There certainly are areas that ATVs are not allowed, but there are millions of accessible acres that ATVs are allowed within the NRA.
We just returned from exploring the north end roads. Hard to believe that there use to be water up where people are now camping in Farley's. It will have to come up a long way before we can launch there.
I am not sure if we found the Blue Notch road or not. We drove part way up two of them. I wasn't too long into the drive I realized i was never taking a boat up there anyway so we turned around. Thanks for the help about the roads. Signs on all of them say no ATV's but people we talked to either had 4-wheelers or as several had posted said it was fine to drive them. Guess we will take up boat uplake to try and catch fish.
Thanks again for all the great help.
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