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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by Reed, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Reed

    Reed Well-Known Member

    So I really needed to get to the lake for some fishing. Took my jet ski and headed to Last Chance for a few days. December 27th -29th 2016

    Below is a video of my trip. By the way the weather and fishing... well you be the judge...

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  2. bschell

    bschell Member

    Right on! that was awesome footage. Your killing me...
  3. Ziggy

    Ziggy Member

    I really like your adventure type fishing in the winter months. Good for you.
  4. Squirrel

    Squirrel Well-Known Member

    Thank you for being the one that posted something recent about the fishin" Looks like a great time. Sq
  5. PapaWhit

    PapaWhit Member

    Your rig is amazing. Thanks for the video.
  6. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

  7. Gem Morris

    Gem Morris Well-Known Member

    From Waynes fish report: "But some jumped out as the cooler filled up and landed on the floor and on a tackle box. That was okay. I think when a tackle box smells like fish the lures inside work better."

    When my buddies and I are fishing and the cooler gets full we find it necessary to sit on the cooler lid and compress the fish. Actually, when you think about it, it helps the fish feel more at home because you've just reeled them up from 50' down and they are going thru decompression. Smashing them in a cooler helps them feel better. :)

    Because of the location of the cooler on the tail of the boat, if you don't sit down fast enough, a "jail break" can (and has) happened. This is where a fish in a full cooler flops hard enough to knock the cooler lid open, flop out of the cooler and onto the deck, then with one more flop he's back in the lake and lives to swim another day.

    Ahh, the memories!! :)
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  8. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    That was very cool Reed. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Looks like a beautiful day. I can't think of much I would have rather done than what you did.

    The underwater shot (at around 13:00 for those that didn't watch the whole video) was something I haven't seen before. I am surprised that there was that much light that deep.

    Your rig is very nice as well. I am sure you have said before, but I am curious why you chose a jet ski over a traditional fishing boat?
  9. Reed

    Reed Well-Known Member

    Thanks I also was surprised to see that much light at that depth. I think that if it had been more towards the main channel it would have been even more clear. The water up at the end of Last Chance was a little murky. But that is where the fish were.

    I like the Jet Ski option for these reasons:
    1- I can go literally anywhere on The Lake
    2- I never stress over finding an awesome camp site.
    3- I always go solo. Never worry about someone getting tired of fishing. Even when I don't catch much.
    4- I am always on the lookout for whales but I can run in about 10" of water.
    5 - I see parts of The Lake that most never see. I like hiking the ends of canyons. It is easy to get there on my ski.
    6- It is rather adventurous
    7- Lake Powell is my favorite spot on planet earth.
    8 - And oh yes it is really easy to fish from. I can troll or spoon or chase smallies with ease.
    9- With a 16 gallon tank and 12 extra gallons on my Hydro Trailer fuel is never a concern. I can go to the end of the San Juan and the Escalalante then back to The Rope with fuel to spare

    What more could you ask for in a trip to paradise...
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  10. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    Very well thought out. Whatever gets you on the water and makes you happy is the best way to go in my book.
  11. bschell

    bschell Member

    There is something magic about going solo on the water, a feeling of freedom and waiting to see what Mother Nature has in store for you. I also take my 22' C-Cory on long trips to LP and on the ocean solo. I had a place down in Baja California in Bay of Los Angeles, I would take my old girlfriends sea doo out yellowtail fishing looking for birds working offshore (find the birds, find the fish), hook into a 30lb yellowtail and hold on, that sea doo would run faster with large fish on than being under power. There was something about returning from offshore with a 30lb yellow across your lap! Freedom that's what it was...
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  12. LTCBarb

    LTCBarb New Member

    We're going to go jet ski camping this summer on Lake Powell with our two PWCs, much like you did on your 10 day solo trip on YouTube! We picked up a Hydro Trailer recently and can't wait to get out there (thanks for the info you gave to my YouTube comment).

    Where are your favorite places to jet ski camp on Lake Powell? I know you mentioned Last Chance in your videos, are there other locations you've camped?

    Thanks again for the videos! Keep posting them as you provide lots of information for those of us looking for the same adventure!
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