Mussels - new program if use Lake Powell only?

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I've heard that there may be a new program/registration/sticker for those who only use their boat at Lake Powell. Anyone have information or a link to a registration site?
Scott, I picked up the application from the NPS ranger at the APM public launch ramp when I launched my boat last month. To complete the application you need to take an online education course on the mussel problem and pass, and obtain a copy of your boat storage invoice to show that you boat is stored at LP or Page full time. Then you return the completed application and paperwork to the launch ramp ranger. They will give you a sticker for your boat and placard for your tow vehicle that will allow you to bypass the mussel inspection process when hauling your boat (because you are verifying in advance that you will follow the transportation/drain/dry rules!).

I don't know of a way to complete this without picking the application up from the launch ramp ranger, but there may be a way to do it. It does seem like it will be a huge time saver if you are retrieving your boat on busy holiday weekends. -Doug

p.s. - you can use one application for multiple boats that you own - i.e. a ski boat and a jet ski, etc. Each vessel will have it's own sticker/placard.
p.s.s. - each vessel sticker number must match the tow vehicle placard number when retreiving your boat to be able to bypass the inspection line
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