Mussel question.

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Going to the lake with the family and will be staying in the hotel. Thinking of renting a slip but worried about mussels in the marina's. Only going to be there for 3 days but want to know if its smarter to pull the boat out everyday?
As understand, if the boat is going into a Utah lake after Powell, they will decon and tag the boat when you leave (no matter if the boat was in the water for a week or an hour). If it's going out of state they will inspect and red tag it. So I do not see an advantage (mussel wise) to pulling it nightly.
You won't have any mussels growing on the boat in just three days, but you'll be considered contaminated when leaving the lake - as any lake water that gets into the boat/engine has the microscopic larva in that water. Then follow the "drain and dry" or have the boat decontaminated (if you need to go to another lake in a few days).
What could happen in three days is that the Larva go into what they call the settler stage. This is when they first stick to something. They will be about the size of ink pin head. You will be able to feel them when you run your hand over the boat. The bad thing about them in this stage, is that they can still release from the boat and drop into a new area. Even with no water on board, you could leave with something. If possible, leave it out in the sun for several days when you get home or decon it with 140 degree water.
I don't think a trailer boat will ever be in the water long enough in it's life time to create a problem. My sailboat has been in salt water for 30 years, and I have moderate barnacle and calcium build up inside the water hoses of my engine. I'll be trying "Barnacle Buster" soon, it looks like it would immediately take care of any Quagga mussel problem.

I just replaced my impeller on my Yanmar, I noticed the calcium build up (zoom in on the impeller.) When I squeeze the rubber hoses, the inside is lined with crunchy barnacle/calcium build up, and you can see the results in the debris in the impeller ( I did not remove the hose, as I was too afraid to remove the hose as I'd likely damage it and potentially sink...) I've noticed no overheating issues, but these motor's run cool with a 130 degree thermostats stock. Google Barnacle Buster, looks like a great product, I will let you know:

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