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Mussel protection

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So I heard that if you coat the underside and any relevant parts of your boat... Especially if it is to be in the water and extended period of time with copper sulphate... It oxegenate's the water thus keeping mussels from attaching and even killing them... Does anyone (especially Wayne) have input on this....

Grant Stevens - USBR

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Copper sulphate? I use copper sulphate crystals in my landscape drain lines to prevent root growth, it's an algaecide and highly toxic, I think it would be highly illegal in the lake.

Are you talking about anti-fouling bottom paint? Yes, it's the primary method to prevent marine growth in salt water (impregnated with cuprous oxide), I'm not familiar with what type of paint is used in fresh. For periods less than a month or so, I wouldn't bother painting, just scrub the hull before you haul the boat or pressure wash it immediately (don't let it dry.)

If your talking an aluminum houseboat, make sure you have a primer based barrier coat, as the copper in the antifouling paint will react with the aluminum hull and rust (galvanic corrosion.) How do I know this, my sailboat has a cast iron keel. After a $5k bottom paint job, today 3o days later it's back at the shipyard. There telling me they are bringing in the Pettit rep as it's a paint problem, I think it's a preparation problem as in not putting on adequate primer...

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